Top 5 best Indian street food

Top 5 Best Indian Street food all times

Most favourite street food in India: Hey, welcome to my Food Dominant Article. We Indians are always foodie in nature, and, I’m glad to say that. We love to eat. More than our home made food; we prefer food from the road side stalls. For the teenagers, the first priority is street food. I myself being a youth am very familiar to that. Whenever a hawker in the street hangs spicy, hot, irresistible piece of Chicken thighs, Paneer stick, then it becomes very hard to resist oneself, as the mouth starts watering. Here, is the list of most favoured street foods in India. Keep reading!

Top 5 best Indian street food

1. Momo

Momo dish

It always tops the list of street food. Its name is enough for watering the mouth. It comes in two categories, typically veg-momo and chicken-momo. Mostly chicken-momo is the desirable one.  So, go straight to the momo shop and dip the momo in the hot chutney and just grab it. You will love it, I swear.

2. Pushka/ PanipuriPuchka DishAnother choicest roadside variety of eatables is Pushka. It comes in various sizes. Phuchkas are nothing but dark coloured puris, the chutney is of various flavours. Its water is sour and tangy. We Indians love spicy and Panipuri is one such snack.

3. Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakoda Dish

It is basically a vegetarian’s recipe, with stuffed potato as the filling. It is known to be one of the most desirable snacks for us Indians. The main exciting part of the recipe is that in the making, the bread slices are dipped in Besan (Chickpea flour batter) and then made a little spicy by adding Ajwain, Red chilli powder, Asafoetida, Salt and finally deep fried. So, when it showers cats and dogs outside or it is too cold then just dip the Pakoda in hot sauce and let the taste buds of your tongue experience the tasty bread-Pakoda.

4. Chaat

Chaat Dish

Chaat has always been our favourite street food, we never say no to Chaat. Papdi Chaat is the top rated Chaat and it always meets our hunger. It consists of “Papdis” i.e, crispy small flat Puris. They can be differently flavoured; spicy, sweet, tangy or even a mixture of all, topped up with coriander leaves. So, go out and bite the crispy “Papdis” and feel blessed.

5. Chow Mein

Chow mein plate

Last but not the least; Chow Mein is such a food that has won the hearts of millions. The first street food to come to our mind during our hunger is Chow Mein. Though its origin is China, it is our first priority. It’s slurping sound while eating makes it all way different and special among other street foods. So, make the slurpy sound and swallow the long and slippery noodles.

Hence, it concludes the list of some of the best ever Indian street food. Being foodie is a matter of pride for us. We love to eat. So, without resisting yourself, go outside to feed your hunger. Hurry up! Rush to the nearby food centre and grab those mind-blowing recipes before it gets too cold. Mmmm Yummy! Have fun. We are expecting your feedback. Thank you.


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