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The luxury sedan Bentley continental GT: It’s been 13 decades since also the 12 cylinders, all wheel drive Bentley Continental GT made its introduction. The first of the Volkswagen Bentley group, it was a coupe constructed on a staggeringly over platform shared with another of the pet projects of Volkswagen supremo Ferdinand Pich, the VW Phaeton limo. The 2017 Bentley Continental GT Supersports shares a lot of its hardware that is fundamental with that Conti GT that is original. Age hasn’t wearied it. Back in 2003, also the Continental GT’s twin turbo, 6.0 liter, W-12 engine impressed with its 551 hp and even 479 lb-ft of torque.

The 2017 Bentley continental GT speed

The 2017 Bentley Continental GT Supersports packs a 750 lb-ft of weapons level torque and 700 hp. The Continental Supersports is four-seat convertible in the world and your fastest four-seat coupe. There is a component or renewed, enhanced, or panel on the Continental which hasn’t been upgraded by the manufacturer.

The 2017 new Bentley Continental Supersports convenes theories and learnings from the GT Speed of 2013, 3 Continental variations; The 621-hp Supersports of 2009 and the V-8 powered GT3 R.The 2009 Supersports was a re-enactment of a distinctively Bentley combination of luxury and performance that dates back into the brief chassis 3.0-litre race unique developed by W.O.

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The luxury sedan Bentley Continental GT, in 1925. Designed to enlarge the facelifted lineup also the GT Speed boasted a 206 mph top speed, which makes it the Bentley ever. The GT3 R, constructed to observe Bentley’s return to racing, featured chassis technologies designed to make also the big, heavy two-door coupe as agile as possible.

Bentley Continental Supersports

Externally, even the 2017 Bentley Continental GT Supersports remarked new rear and front bumpers, carbon fiber also detailing dark tint lights. 90s color available for the buyer, or one of eight unique duo-tone paint schemes available as a component of the optional $31, 200 Supersports X Specification package which includes other cosmetic upgrades and a light-weight titanium exhaust system.

Inside, ‘the 2017 Bentley’ Supersport obtained with distinctive color Split that provides for tri-tone leather, Alcantara seating, and also a brand new diamond quilt stitch design. New checkered carbon fiber panels, made of tens of thousands of individual carbon threads and polished-to-a Gloss finish, are one of 11 distinct veneers Supersport buyers have chosen from the beauty. Finishing touches include Alcantara inserts on also the steering wheel and central gearbox and Supersport logos stitched into the headrests.

New 2017 Bentley Continental

Paul Maric drives the Bentley Mulsanne to see whether it’s worth the price tag. In a place like LA, it is hard to stand out from the audience, especially with regards to cars. You may imagine our surprise when individuals fell over themselves to find another glimpse at the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne that is monstrous. Finished in a Porcelain color that was stunning came with the iconic B hood classic metal wheels of Bentley.

Bentley continental features

Regardless of if we drove down Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, a line cut on in traffic. As opposed to merely swanning LA streets around, we hit the road to sample the Pacific Coast Highway out of Santa Monica to find out whether the Mulsanne can do bends.

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The Mulsanne has gained an upgrade which includes the new infotainment system of Bentley. As the last word on prestige and luxury, the Mulsanne aptly uses a motor high enough to power a sizeable yacht that is super. In 5575 mm long, the Mulsanne is a whole 1.6 feet more than a Toyota Yaris, and it evidently appears as it rolls gracefully through the street. Native to the screens are on a Google Maps implementation allows quick navigation and pinch and zooming capabilities with destinations sent to the driver whether needed. Each seat in the vehicle feels like on a big hug with soft padding in the bottom and smooth bolster on the sides.

Bentley steering system

Bentley continental GT design

Despite its remarkable performance credentials, beginning the Mulsanne is instead a sedate and pleasant experience. Unlike a lot of modern vehicles, Bentley Continental GT still uses on a hydraulic steering system instead of an electrically assisted one. Potholes, corrugations and strangely joined particular segments make driving in LA a pain in most vehicles, but it is Simply uneventful from the Mulsanne. The Bentley Continental GT 2017 Offering eight gears, there is rarely a time you should do so More than the breath on the throttle to possess the Mulsanne move with pace.

Bentley Continental GT for Sale

Then you should look for a Bentley Continental for sale if you desire a vehicle from a selection. It is worth considering the recent models since they have packed with offer luxury and new technological features typical for your brand. Naturally, you might wish to check out some lately made pre-owned vehicles, if you want to save on the price. In almost any case, you’ve to pick a car that corresponds to your taste, personal preferences and requirements. The Continental Flying Spur is for a sedan which offers comfort and operation that is smooth on the road and all those that want a luxury.

The 2017 Bentley Continental GT flex fuel V 12 engine is a paragon of quality. It allows the vehicle and generates horsepower. The speed from 0 to 60 miles takes 4.9 seconds. Control features and the transmission allow for perfect handling and a ride that is serene. You will love the interior and characteristics of this machine such as the wood veneers as well as the spaciousness. The Speed version offers, even more, speed and power, making a Bentley Continental. The Bentley Continental GT has a two-door.

Bentley Engine overview

Naturally, you may expect sophisticated modern style and performance of 2017 Bentley Continental GT. 567 horsepower is put out by the liter flex fuel V 12 engine. The maximum rate is 198 mph, and the speed from 0 to 60 miles takes 4.4 seconds. You can go for the economic and robust version with a V8 engine. Inside, you’ll find characteristics such as cobra designed seats with leather upholstery, your most recent touchscreen technology, and an active sound system. If you desire a convertible, then you should look for the most recent Bentley Continental Drophead. The sleek design with beautiful aerodynamic curves isn’t the only impressive thing about it model.

Bentley continental GT luxury seats features

The 6-liter Flex fuel V 12 engine of the car makes 567 horsepower. It reaches 60 miles from a standstill in 4.5 seconds. The interior design doesn’t differ significantly from who of the GT model. The ‘Bentley Continental Supersports’ is your best choice for all those searching for a sports vehicle in the classic Bentley style. Apparently, it includes a more massive bulk than its competitors but provides world-class ‘the luxury sedan Bentley continental GT’ and top operation. The twin turbocharged 12 cylinder engine generates 612 horsepower allowing the vehicle to achieve a speed of 200 mph. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph requires only 3.7 seconds.



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