Install os x Yosemite USB

‘How to install Yosemite on mac from USB’ is the very easy process, you do not have to be professional to upgrade to Yosemite. The main protagonist of WWDC 2017 was undoubtedly OS X Yosemite. As did a year with seven Apple iOS design has become the main feature of this new version, removing all traces of skeumorfismo and focusing on minimalism, giving more significant visual change to the system from Aqua. Many people could not resist temptation and installed the beta on your Mac, even knowing that it is a beta, and as such has many bugs, features not yet implemented, unoptimized applications, etc. But unlike iOS X v10.9 which we told you how to install and how to return to iOS 9 once tasted its significant developments, there is a safe way to try our Yosemite OS X Mac Let’s tell you how.

To clean install Yosemite USB, the first thing we need is a beta of OS X Yosemite. If we are developers, I think it will not be the case for most readers of this article, and we can get this beta in Dev Center. Should not be a developer there are two ways to access it. The first is through new program betas of OS X, By registering and waiting for Apple to send us an invitation, something that may take too much so if you do not want to wait you can download it just like iOS 9.2 iModZone.

Unlike iOS Yosemite 10.10.5 OS X can install the beta on a new partition of the system, so it would still fully functional OS X Mavericks in the primary system partition. For further partition need to have at least 20 GB free on your hard disk.

To create that barrier will have to follow the following steps:

Let’s Applications and Utilities in open Disk Utility.
Select the primary drive and click on Partition tab.
Click on + to create a new partition OS X Yosemite, we set the size of it, at least 20 GB, and click Apply.
Once this is done, we will have created a second partition on your Mac and all you have to do is open OS X Yosemite installer and choose that partition when installing. Once installed it will be like to have installed Boot Camp, being able to select startup disk in System Preferences and switch to Mavericks when we get tired of possible bugs and problems with OS X Yosemite.




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