How to get youtube to recommend your video

youtube to recommend your video

How to get youtube to recommend your video: After the coming of Jio sim in the market, the destiny of YouTuber has totally changed. We have seen many people around us who have already chosen YouTube as their career. Moreover, many such YouTubers have earned a huge money with it and proved that one can easily succeed in this path i.e. YouTube.  But, the most important thing to think is what they did, that made their videos viral and their career a blissful one. Today I will tell you some of the best techniques to get youtube to recommend your video and this post is appropriate for best techniques to make a video viral. Keep reading.

Best technique to get your youtube videos seen

YouTube video contentVideo contents

To get started with your new YouTube channel, all you do is upload your best 10 to 15 videos, and it is suggested that the video contents should absolutely be fresh and clear along with good video and audio quality so that people get bound to visit your channel again and again. Most importantly, you must interlink your channel videos via annotations and video cards, so that your other videos get displayed in the recommended section. Another interesting fact is that if someone is watching a video, whose content is almost the same as those of your videos, then, also your videos would come on the recommended list. This is a very important technique to ‘get youtube to recommend your video’.

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Share your videos on social mediaShare on social mediaSocial media is such a platform which enables everyone to gain popularity and Facebook is such a social networking site through which one can easily promote one’s videos free of cost. What to do in a Facebook page? First you make a page and name it same as that of your YouTube channel, and upload a trailer of a particular video and comment it as “full video available at this link, click here to watch the full video” In this way your videos would get viral easily and more chances to get your youtube videos seen. Certainly, you can apply this method to promote your videos on other social networking sites also and it is absolutely legal.

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Final words: I believe that I could help you with these few techniques ‘How to get youtube to recommend your video’. In my next post, I will come up with more such interesting topics. If you like to read such interesting posts then please keep eye on my website. Thanks for reading.



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