Bluestacks vs Nox

Bluestacks vs Nox: Bluestacks and Nox App player are two biggest android emulators is used widely. There is a lot of Android Emulator out there on the Internet, but, everybody stuck while choosing correct one on the basis of the computer configuration. Being an experienced user, I have found Bluestacks, and Nox these are the two emulators which are being first preferred by all. So, here the comparison is made on Bluestacks and Nox. Every day we play video games on our Android phones, but, the problem is that the screen size is small, and we stuck while we swipe, up-down on the phone screen. Here, is the solution for a big screen we need an Android Emulator. If you have a youtube gaming channel, you might be stuck on your phone swipe up-down and you are live on the audience. Running the Android games on PC is great experience and record every project to show the world is an extraordinary feeling, isn’t it! There are many valid reasons why an Android user would want to run Android emulators on PC, many of us App developers would try to test the application before makes project final for the world. In this post, you will show the comparison of Bluestacks vs Nox on the basis of features and services.

What is Bluestacks?

Blustacks is android emulators that can run any apps on the PCs running on Mac and Windows. It belongs to an American company, founded in 2009. The company has received investment from the top-ranked technology company. The Blustacks has undergone massive growth from the release of the Alpha version of App player. At the end of 2015, the Bluestacks has crossed over 109 million downloads. A statistical data shows almost 96% apps of Google Play Store are compatible with Bluestacks. All the major features of Android devices such as receiving text messages, developer Android mode and access to Playstore apps is 100% works. A combination of Keyboard, Mouse, touchpad, camera, phone shaker everything gives an ultimate gaming experience, sometimes it also laggy while playing heavy games.

Bluestacks UI

Download Bluestack for PC

What is NOX app player?

NOX app player is another greatest Android emulator from China. Its operating system is based on Android 5.5.1. It has external configuration options, and it is the main strength of this software. This software could be best for YouTuber because everyone can record video games screen by his inbuilt screen recorder. The user can customize screen size as well as rotate the screen; this itself makes perfect for the gaming experience. I think this is the remix of Bluestack, It’s purely based on Android OS, and almost 90% of Google playstore games can be played in the Nox. Its UI looks completely unique and works fine too on the PC.

Nox app player


Download Nox App player

Bluestack Vs Nox

Every emulator works uniquely because feature available on one android emulator software would not be identical on another emulator. This is the big reason for us to show you Bluestack Vs Nox.

Bluestacks Nox
Bluestacks App player supports almost 96% of Google playstore apps Same as Blustacks, it also supports 94% apps from play store
The software is able to run smoothly in Core2Duo with 2GB Ram computer. Nox bootup stucks in between 90 to 99% on core2duo PCs, it's installation requires highly configured PCs.
Shows its best performance on inter-core i series PCs. Requires core i5 with Nvidia/ AMD Radeon graphics card to get its best performance.
The user can also change the Graphics mode from engine setting. Different graphics modes for heavy games
Fully customizable environment, the user can customize RAM/CPU usage, and able to adjust the screen resolution. Customizable CPU & RAM allocation
BlueStacks 3 Antutu Benchmark Testing total Score is 130762. Speeding mode on Nox Antutu Benchmark testing performance scored 151,567
Speedup Bluestacks performance by changing its registry editor values and Graphics card. Speed up Nox performance by enabling the graphics card
It also supports multiple OS configurations. NoxPlayer multi-instance manager supports backup and restore user data, and also supports multiplayer
External Gamepad support, if you are running this software on a tablet and PC. The user can easily connect, external gamepad & joystick
The latest Blustacks 3N runs on Android OS nougat 7.1.1 The latest Nox app player runs on Android lollipop 5.1.1
Blustacks 3N supports all platforms such as Linux, HTML 5, Windows 10,8.1, 7 and mac on x86-32 bit. It is also compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac OS
Sometimes laggy on heavy gaming. The response speed of Nox 6 is fast and very stable on heavy gaming


Bluestacks and Nox both are good in gaming performance but Bluestacks run smoothly in low configuration PCs but Nox need high configuration PCs. Nox player does its best performance high on configured PCs. Hope, you guys you have got everything about Bluestacks Vs Nox. Let us know in the comment section which Android emulator you are running on your PC.

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