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PS4 racing games always top the world of video games. Playing racing games on PS4 has always been an enjoyable experience, the term ‘reality’ can just be wholly associated with these games as such great realistic graphics and high-quality sound effect cover the entire time of play. Everyone will love to play these racing games, and why not, since the games in PS4 are full of thrill, competitive environment, visual graphics, and many more. We have selected some of the best racing games from the PlayStation Store and have given their description in a nutshell, which will undoubtedly guide you with new innovative ideas and directions to overcome all the troubles and issues related to them, so that, only you can grab the shining trophy. The selection mentioned above based on Player Review, Gaming Technology, and Price. So, without sparing a fraction of a second, scroll down to check out the of best 20 PS4 racing games of all time.

1. Wipeout Omega CollectionWipeout Omega Collection for PS4


Wipeout Omega Collection racing game comes with 60fps-4k graphics on PS4. Wipeout Omega Collection has been launched in a unique fashion and nine different modes making it a very thrilling sensation game. The racing track of the game set in the sky and as such, it seems to be a test drive of antigravity Ships is going on. This game has been made such that the player has to pilot anti-gravity ships by his/her driving skills and understanding of the ship’s technology. Each one of the ships has a special and different feature and to get a hold of all those features, comes the matter of experience, and smoothness on handling, speed, and applying shield strength at the correct time

2. WRC 7WRC 7 for PS4

WRC 7 is an outstanding racing game on PS4, which based on the FIA World Rally Championship event season 2017. In this game, you can select the world’s best rally driver to pilot your car and fetch you victory, but your pilot is not the only sufficient matter to bring you that, also, your car is required to serve the purpose fairly, after all, it’s the car that will proceed further. So, choosing the right car for the right track is very important for the perfect win. Here you will get to experience the racing competition through 13 official racing events. By creating an internet connection, you can take challenges online with your friends and by split screen multiplayer mood, take head to head challenges.

3. The Crew wild run

The Crew wild run for PS4

The Crew wild run has got all the latest qualities and attributes that a racing game on PS4 should have. The name of this game itself represents its specialty and awesomeness. It comes with a great realistic graphics. In this game, you will get to face a lot of barriers, obstacles, and troubles indeed. In the case, self-confidence and faith in yourself are all that you need to overcome all those rubbish with the latest controls in your car, and if you have undone with that, then please accept that you are out of the race! You have to keep an eye on every wrong turn your car takes. The only specialty of this game is to go ahead of your competitors in any way and beat them to win the race.

4. Gran Turismo sportsGran Turismo sports for PS4

Gran Turismo sports game was earlier a PC game, and the PS4 takes it. As usual, these games have realistic graphics experience, and every car comes with a unique feature and also you can customize, i.e., you can add more carriages to your car and accordingly color up your car as per your convenience. You can witness the realistic driving experience from the world’s top brands sports car. The speed and pick up of all the cars is so high that in the beginning, you might get trouble in controlling the cars but the longer time you drive, the stronger your hold will be. Demand for this game has increased a lot, and why not, if on the computer screen, you are getting the real-life graphics!

5. Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 for PS4

Forza Horizon 3 racing game likewise has the best graphics which has the drive club 30 frames. In this game, you will be getting both off-road and on-road driving experience at once. Forza Horizon 3 game is much similar to GTS, but it has many upgraded features which bring the racing game to a new level. You just have to pay attention to the accelerator, when you drive. Most important, ensure that in no case, should any car be pushing you from the back or touching your car, if such happens, you are likely to lose your speed.

6. Distance

Distance for PS4

Playing the Distance racing game is an example of having entered into an electronic world where the future cars are calling you to pilot them. As usual, each car here is of a kind and the finest and unique in nature. The game enables you to boost your car speed with a speed booster, take a high jump on an unknown track, rotate cars, this and that unlike realistic stunts, many more interesting things to do. The story of this Distance game is like the rest of the racing games. But interestingly, the graphics of this game is unique and mind-blowing in comparison to the other racing games on PS4. So, go, break the limits and get the victory.

7. MotoGP 17MotoGP 17 for PS4

MotoGP 17 is another amazing sports bike racing game on PS4 which gives you the spectacular range of features in a different way. You can play MotoGP 17 with your favorite bikes and, yes, this is the game where you can have the real fun of riding sports bikes and experience the thrill in that level, the looks of MotoGP 17 are deadly; as if real motorbikes. While during the play, the commentary will meet the ears right from the beginning until the race ends i.e. each and every happening will be covered. Each bike is different and special. Players can upgrade and customize bikes according to their need or choice. Moreover, each race is entirely recorded here, which enables you to visualize the game later, observe the movement of the bikes from differing angles and most important you can check your flaws, if any.

8. Need for speed paybackNeed for speed payback for PS4

Need for speed payback is an amazing racing game on ps4.  In this new version, challenges are a bit extraordinary that makes the racing battle more daring. We will get to witness a drastic change in the graphics that makes every detail very realistic. The tasks or challenges of the game comprise of thrilling adventures, action in every step and a unique story in every single level of the game. The thrilling as well as interesting matter of the game is such that once you put your leg on the accelerator, you will get addicted to it and you will be only NEED FOR SPEED enthusiast. However, the game will take test of your driving skills at every point. Moreover, Speed booster enhances your life in the racing action for long run.

9. Assesto CorsaAssesto Corsa for PS4

If you want to experience realistic graphics car racing game on your PS4, then Assesto Corsa racing game is only for you, boss. Yes, it is true! The controlling of the cars is not going to be comfortable for everyone, first, you may find some trouble to control the cars, but the more you play it, the easier it will be for you. The track of this game is set on the hot sunny days, rainy weather and moderate weather. For this track set, you will have to utilize your skills in every point to complete the finish line first. The pilot can adjust the camera position according to his convenience.

10. Dirt RallyDirt Rally for PS4

Wow, the codec masters game not only made the best F1 racer yet but also cracked the dirt rally formula with amazing games to prove themselves the best, buckle your seatbelt as you take a drive on the world’s most unforgiving terrain right along rain dip valleys, fill cap Hills and sandy deserts. But don’t let the scenic landscapes and detailed vehicles divert your mind. Every stage will test your skills concentration and patience. Along with the unforgiving cliff edges, you’ll have to deal with the mechanical failures, and also overheat tires, get punctured, repairs will eat into your precious time. The game is hard you’ve got that right, but one of the coolest things is its world-famous off-road race cars on PS4.

11. F1 2016

F1 2016 for PS4

F1 2016, after the seemingly rush f1 2015 our twelve-place entry is Code masters returning the Grace and form. It is life in your formula 1 dreams and become a racing legend in a career mode that’s filled with content develop your card career along with agents and your team of engineers. Whether on the track or out it, delivers unbelievable immersion, packed with all the behind-the-scenes drama. There are a lot of hard decisions to make with the last lap looming in the distance. We finally listen to Jeff via racing engineer as he warns you about an imminent danger or you shut them up with your voice command and take that risky diet.  It’s lauded by many as one of the best F1 racing game yet it probably will be for a very long time.

12. Project Cars 2Project Cars 2 for PS4

Project cars 2 is a complete racing game for the PS4, that offers a more stimulating gameplay. Experts Pro racers and thousands of racing enthusiasts came together to make a technologically advanced racing game that competes with the likes of heavy-weights games like Gran Turismo and Forza. Not only does it look realistic, but also laying a careful hand on every car track and wheel down to the last polygon but it also has a dynamic environment, which will affect your driving experience. In the real world, there are a lot of small aspects that seek to irrigate your speed and challenge your performance like temperatures and changing the weather. Project cars game has all the racing features that approved by real live racers.  It is probably the closest you’ll ever get to the real racetrack.

13. DriveClub Bikes

DriveClub Bikes for PS4

One of the best fastest superbikes racing games on PS4 is DriveClub Bikes. Drive looks like we’re going back to the tarmac and the drive Club series that expands their racing collection put aside your fancy four-wheelers and explode yourself to the breakneck speeds of these two-wheeled machines. It retains the sleek and minimalist design with adding a few rear edges to fix the bugs that haunted the franchise. What a few powerful superbikes! That become a polished version complete with exclusive editions smoother frame rates and an improved handling model that gives more flexibility on steep curves.  There are 12 different superbikes to collect and customize each with more power than the next, and almost 78 drive club locations are available.

14. Trial FusionTrial Fusion for PS4

Another PS4 superbikes racing game is Trial Fusion from Ubisoft. It’s the 3D world with a 2D plane to let you lean forward and backward to reach the seemingly impossible platforms. Its level designs are well thought out, it’s a little daunting. It’s a trial in a whole lot of errors crash a few dozen times and build up your skills. You can backflip onto gigantic blimp and 360 over the highest trenches the satisfaction of mastering a track and that final crash into victory is also worth it. In the end, spice up the competition by beating friends and multiplayer or climbing up the leaderboard.

15. Trackmania TurboTrackmania Turbo for PS4

Trackmania Turbo is one of the best art direction based racing game on PlayStation 4. The TrackMania turbo drop into frenetic and gravity fight formula racers that put a modern twist on classic arcade races. Medina’s TrackMania combines Lemmy’s arcade aesthetics with impressive concept and smooth visual, every one of its two on the track is riddled with urban signage ‘as fit for the country of your choosing. There are four different environments and four different gameplays ride the physics-defying loop-de-loops of the rollercoaster lagoon and prepare your stunts for the rough rides around the country valley. If you finish all tracks, you can always head to the track builder for handcrafted or randomized tracks to fill the rest of your days. There’s another challenge to overcome with it’s an ominous double driver mode where two players have to work together to steer a single race car to the finish line but it’s all made easy with simple and included control.

16. Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals for PS4

Electronic Arts(EA Games) is the name behind for some of the best racing game out there.  Need for Speed Rivals has two separate storylines for society’s opposing forces, play the rebel with Zephyr a renowned street racer famous for outrunning the long arm of the law or sign up for the county’s Police Department and Record at their own game. It is two different stories in place out with the same fast and serious gameplay of the franchise. In this open-world racer, fair play isn’t necessary you’ll have an arsenal of traps at your disposal to throw at your unwitting opponent. Call in roadblocks drop some spike traps and so much more thrilling, once you’re familiar with the terrain you might even land a few short tips to shorten erosive victory.

17. Tron Run/rTron Run r for Playstation 4

Tron run/r is one of the best futuristic sci-fi racers game PlayStation 4 all times. If you ever wanted to ride one of their awesome bikes this is your chance to do it. Enters a neon void as you jump fly in cycle, as you make your way out of Tron cities run on walls and avoid obstacles in disgraces or reach the escape portal in the nick of time. In cycle races, with us array of character cycles and mode your stay in Tron city isn’t as bad as they make it out to be that’s a place. The Tron Run/r innovative physics-based racing gameplay combined with stunning visual.

18. Riptide GP: RenegadeRiptide GP: Renegade for PS 4

Riptide GP: Renegade is considered one of the most popular illicit hydro jet racing for the current generation of gaming console. This not some sightseeing trip steer your Hydra Jets through cybernetic landscapes and make your way to the finish line. Execute daring exhibitions like backflips and Superman to boost your speed and beat the competition for game designs but for the iPad display it looks stunning.  Pulling off that certain retro-futuristic atmosphere despite its rather grey hues it’s clean and minimalistic and offers moments of all as flames drift across the sky. Along with a slew of different game modes it also has the multiplayer mode for local split-screen with friends or for online battles with other players that are played.

19. Tour De FranceTour De France for PS 4

If you want to experience all the incandescence of cycle marathon, then Tour de France game will give you realistic cycle racing experience. Tour de France Tour de France 2017 plenty to see, we do away with usual cars and motorbikes and enter the world of professionals like a marathon. Ride past Europe’s iconic landmarks as you push and pedal your way past thousands of aspiring finishers. It’s unlike any of the fast-paced games on this list. It’s first and foremost a marathon simulation you control a team of writers and you can switch between them as you please. When you bring your team around blocks of racers and put them in the best position. It’s long and arduous and perfect for racers who want to know the effort it takes to win the Tour de France. While an odd choice for the subject matter and a bit lacking a stylistic flair it’s a cycling enthusiast’s stream.

20. NASCAR Heat 2

NASCAR Heat 2 for PS4

NASCAR Heat 2 is the best arcade racer game ever. You are here to test your driving skills and intelligence by driving your car on 3 Nascar National Series and 29 Nascar tracks. On the career mode, the player gets the advantage to start the truck series and gradually reach the goal to unlock the victory

This concludes the list of 20 best PS4 car racing games of all time and all the detailed games mentioned above has been released before February 2018. If you think, we have missed to list out some other games then, please, let us know. So, feel free to write in the comment section. If you found this article helpful, then please share this article with your loved ones, in that case, others will benefit.

20 best PS4 racing games all time
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20 best PS4 racing games all time
PS4 racing games always top the world of video games. Playing racing games on PS4 has always been an enjoyable experience. We have mentioned some of the best 20 PS4 racing games of all times.
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